Official Futbala Whitepaper | v1.0 | 14 Feb 2022
Futbala is a next-generation fantasy football manager game, where football players will be Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Our game has the users both manage their football team and full ownership of each member of the team.
Non-Fungible Tokens are digital assets that are distinct from one another and can be uniquely identified. True to their name, they are non-fungible and irreplaceable.
This game will create the first and most comprehensive football metaverse using the most cutting-edge blockchain technologies. Initially, we will be using Polygon Blockchain to provide transparency, security, and low transaction fees.
You will be able to train your NFT soccer team and prepare them for daily friendly challenges and national league matches.
Each football player (Futbaler) will have a life of their own that will go on even when not playing. You will have to manage multiple aspects of your team, such as injuries, salaries, players who will retire, and young players to train to replace them.
Each gamer's team will be made up of at least 11 Futbalers, each with their own unique statistics and they need to be trained very carefully to maximize their value.
Ultimately, we aim to create the most engaging and fascinating fantasy football manager game in the world.
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